Saturday, May 30th was a bright and happy day in our hearts, if not in the sky as we honored our BPMH graduates.  From our two youngest, Makaria and Timmy, leaving pre-school and making the important transition to kindergarten, to our MAs, Sharma and Saad, and Peter our Doctor in Christian Counseling to our proud

PhDs, Sukhun and Pasesa, honoring these seven was a joyful experience.  We were grateful to Dr. Chai Motupalli (our very own dear Chai) for his thoughtful and timely message to the graduates.  Grateful too to each of those graduates who made such inspiring and wise comments at their journeys end.  All of the participants in the program, Polly and Art and Sally held the hope that they helped to create something of a fond memory for our graduates in this 2020 year of Covid-19. 

There is no punctuation mark more fun than a bagpipe procession.  That will be a fond memory for us all to enjoy for years to come!

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