BPMH Graduation BBQ Party

The BPMH Community of residents, Board members and Volunteers gathered on Saturday, June 1 for its annual graduation party and BBQ. This year, most of the graduates were the children (sons) of residents: Shan Shan Kashung, son of Johnny and Soyaphy and Erik Ko, son of Yong Kook and Hyun-Jung. Both boys are graduating from pre-school and looking forward to being kindergarteners in the fall. Also Ramaiah Sapolu makes the big move, graduating from elementary school and heading to middle school.
We also said congratulation to Lia Rochill, who completed her M Div degree at ABSW and plans to continue on to get her D Min degree.
The community also applauded the announcement of this year’s Virginia Hadsell Global Leadership Scholarship, awarded to Linna Gunawan from Indonesia.

The party was a fun event with lots of great food, emphasizing the importance of eating a plant-based diet, hence, the BBQ black bean burgers!  Well, yes, there was some BBQ chicken too, but at least we got started on reducing our carbon footprint.
BPMH will continue to work on this new emphasis at all official community events. This summer BPMH Executive Director, Rev. Sally Juarez, will attend the national conference of Presbyterians for Earth Care at Stony Point New York and will bring back updated information on how our international faith leaders that make up the BPMH community can model living sustainably on our planet.

Yonk Kook delights his Community with a swan song performance, playing his golden sax, a talent for which he is well known.  

Following the farewell prayer circle for Yong Kook, Hyun-Jung and Erik who leave BPMH after 5 years, the whole Community posed for a group photo. 

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