The Gift of Money

Our executive director, Rev. Sally Juarez has done an excellent job of maintaining our property and of staying on top of the maintenance and repair needs of the facility. Our funding for this as well as for the development of the interfaith program that we hope to have in the future,  come from our rental income and from donations. We try to offer housing at well below the current market value in our area in order to support our international student-residents  who live on very limited budgets. You can help support our ministry at the Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Homes by sending your tax deductible contribution to:

Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Homes
2918 Regent St
Berkeley, CA 94705-2189

The Gift of Time

There are many voluntary hours needed every week to accomplish a myriad of tasks for BPMH. If you have skills in the areas of gardening, painting, plumbing, home repairs, consider making a pledge of volunteer time every month to help us maintain our property. In addition, as we continue to build our constituency and develop of vision of interfaith community, we will need help making contacts and building alliances. Become a volunteer, either on a one-time or a regular basis.

Call the Rev. Sally Juarez (510) 325-8740 to learn how you use your talents to help further develop this exciting community.