Global Community and Interfaith Dialog

Interfaith Programs at BPMH

Aware of the rich diversity of faith traditions in the Bay Area and with an eye to the tremendous energy around inter-religious education at the Graduate Theological Union, the Executive Director and the Board of Directors have given a high priority to enriching the experiences of living in multifaith community.   Residential learning is different than classroom leaning.  Experiential in nature, the learning acquired when living side by side with persons of another faith tradition is often deeper, richer and more fully transformational than academic text book learning.

In addition to the spontaneous exchanges between residents that occur naturally in the course of day to day living, guest lecturers are invited to BPMH to present on a broad range of topics that promote understanding and co-operation among various faith traditions.  These programs are open to BPMH Members and invited guests.  BPMH’s new multifaith orientation is ultimately a venture in peacemaking at a time in human history when global conflict and violence are staggering.  BPMH models the value of loving your neighbor and invites multifaith residents into a climate of mutuality.  While still in its fledgling stages, the multifaith identity of BPMH is growing.  Increasingly, applicants will be screened on the basis of their commitment to participating in and contributing to the multifaith vibrancy of the community.



The Board of Directors of theThe Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Homes wishes to stand in solidarity with our faith cousins in the Abrahamic tradition and categorically oppose demonstrations against Muslims at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California and other Islamic centers in our community. The current rise in islamophobia in our country is of grave concern.