Here are some of our partners with whom we work closely:

SFTS – San Francisco Theological Seminary

Since its humble begin­ning in 1871, San Francisco Theological Seminary has played an important role in shaping a future in tune with God’s purposes in the world. By engaging students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, friends, congre­gations and other church entities, we respond to the opportunities and challenges facing the Church of Jesus Christ by preparing faith leaders to serve in churches and in the community.

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GTU – Graduate Theological Union

The Graduate Theological Union is an ecumenical and interreligious crossroads, building bridges among Christian denominations and other faith traditions, and dedicated to educating students for teaching, research, ministry, and service. We seek to achieve our mission in two ways: as a graduate school offering academic programs in a wide range of fields in theology and religious studies, and as the largest partnership of seminaries and graduate schools in the United States. The GTU flourishes as a haven for interdisciplinary religious thought, study, and practice, making a tangible difference for the greatest good – and serving as the place where religion meets the world.

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PSR – Pacific School of Religion

Since its founding in 1866, Pacific School of Religion (PSR) has served as a multi-denominational Christian seminary. PSR stands at a remarkable crossroads of faith and learning communities. Located in the broadly diverse San Francisco Bay Area on the axis of the continental United States and the Pacific Rim, PSR offers an unparalleled view of global relationships and currents of cultural change. Throughout its history, PSR has been on the cutting edge of emerging movements for change in the Christian tradition, representing an early voice for the equality of women, resisting racial prejudice and war, and advocating for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and the economically disadvantaged.

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