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At Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Homes we hold many events that celebrate and engage our tenants as well as our extended community of friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. We hope you can participate in one of these dynamic events soon!

March 27 Saturday, 2017 @ St. John’s Presbyterian Church **** ***  ***** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ***** **** *** ** *
   Residents and guests were invited to House A of the Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Home on Thursday, April 14, to hear a presentation by Dr. Ali Ataie, a scholar of both Islam and Christianity. Dr. Ataie is the first Muslim to earn an MA in Biblical Studies from the Graduate Theological Union. His PhD, also from the GTU, is in Islamic Biblical Hermeneutics. He teaches at the GTU and Zaytuna College, both schools on beautiful Holy Hill in Berkeley. The focus of Dr. Ataie’s presentation at the Homes was the role and identity of Jesus in Islam: Who is...
Students, families and Board members enjoyed the annual kick-off event, the “Ice Cream Social”, on Labor Day Saturday at the Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Homes.  Recent arrivals to BPMH were introduced to the Community as everyone prepares to begin the Fall semester at the GTU and its Seminary affiliates.  It was a delightful time of making new acquaintances and renewing older ones.                    
BPMH Resident Storm Alexander Lee was honored at Alta Bates Hospital on Wednesday, August 26 for completing his 4-Unit Residency Program in Clinical Pastoral Education.  Storm will now direct his attention towards earning his Masters of Divinity degree through Fuller Seminary while working as a chaplain at the St. Helena Hospital Center for Behavioral Health in Vallejo.  Congratulations Storm!!      
David Washburn, producer of “An American Mosque,was present  at the screening of his film at BPMH on Monday evening to answer questions about this 30-minute film, which has been shown locally on PBS.  It’s the story of how a Muslim congregation in Yuba City, CA, endured and responded to the burning down of their nearly completed mosque.  Though this event happened in 1994, it has lasting parallels and interesting differences to today’s arsons, bombings, and assaults on every sort of house of worship, making it highly topical. The dominating questions are: what’s the meaning of such tragedies in our...