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The BPMH is a 501(c) certified non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing and a vibrant community. BPMH consists of seven cottages, an apartment complex and two houses. We welcome single individuals as well as families into our single rooms, One-, Two-, and Three-bedroom units.


The Mission Homes were established in 1937 through the foresight and generosity of Carolyn Babcock Adams and her family who served as missionaries in Korea for two generations. Caroline Babcock, the second wife of James Adams, joined him in his mission work in Daegu, after the death of his wife, Nellie. When Caroline came home on furlough for reflection and interpretation of her ministry every seventh year, she needed a place to stay.
A gift from her family made possible the purchase of a court of seven cottages on 2918 Regent Street in Berkeley. Later, two large adjacent houses have been added to the property as well as a six unit apartment complex.


BPMH builds a multi-faith community for students, scholars, and global leaders by providing temporary housing, compelling dialogue, and opportunities for growth. We believe that by providing these students with the support they need, we can help them realize their full potential and become effective agents of positive change in their communities around the world.



The Homes are administered by the BPMH Board, comprised of ecumenical volunteers from neighboring religious communities. The Board supports the work of the Executive Director, Myoung-Ho Sin, who oversees Events, Administration, and Buildings & Maintenance as well as Finances. The Board members help and participate in our main events which include the kick-off meeting, the Christmas party, and the graduation ceremony.


At BPMH, we understand that finding affordable and comfortable housing in a foreign country can be a challenge. That is why we offer not only affordable housing but a supporting and caring community. With BPMH, you can focus on your studies and your personal growth, knowing that you and your family have a home away from home.

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