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Housing for you and your family

Welcome to Your new Home!

We offer a lovely and exciting community with many benefits including a playground for children.
We accept GTU students and visiting scholars as well as church workers. Students on an F-1 visa have priority.

Single Room

1-Bedroom Cottage

2-Bedroom Cottage

If you are single and wish to focus on your studies, this option is best for you. You share the kitchen and bathrooms with housemates.

2-Bedroom Apartment

With its two bedrooms and a big living area, this unit is ideal for small families. All apartments offer central heating which is included in the rent so your apartment is always warm in winter.

This unit is best for families with one or two children. The unit offers a living room and a bedroom as well as a kitchen and a bathroom.

3-Bedroom Apartment

This unit offers a master bedroom with a separate bathroom, two bedrooms for children, a large dining and living area, and another big bathroom. One bedroom can be used as a study room.

For small families, a 2-bedroom cottage is ideal since it offers a huge living space and dining area along with the two bedrooms. Cottages are also separate so neighbors are not disturbed.

Our Subsidized Rates

Single Room: $870

1-Bedroom Cottage: $1,630

2-Bedroom Apt (1 Bath): $1,750

2-Bedroom Cottage (2 Baths): $1,850

3-Bedroom Apt (1.5 Bath): $2,250

The multi-faith program, beginning with the Abrahamic faith traditions, strives to build beloved community experientially among residents of diverse faith traditions. Through shared learning and by mutually supporting one another in a climate of growth, we aim to be the spiritual building blocks for a world of peace, justice, and love. Our core values are mutual respect, open heartedness and open mindedness, community spirit, and inclusivity. [BPMH Mission Statement]


NOTE: Residents are expected to be actively engaged in a program of study and research. Eligibility for subsidized rent is limited to the duration of the study program or project or five years, whichever period is shorter.


Pets are not allowed in any units except service animals. Service animals must be registered as such with the Director and owners must comply with the rules in the Pet Policy posted on the BPMH website (

Documents for Housing

Our Impact

Take a look at our gallery and see the impact of our work. With your help, we can continue to provide affordable housing for students who study abroad and aspire to become religious leaders in their own countries.

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